Top brands own their exact-match domains

Several top well-known companies with two-word brand names own the exact match of their brand names in two-word .com domains:

  1. Facebook -
  2. Coca-Cola -
  3. YouTube -
  4. Microsoft -
  5. FedEx -
  6. Harley-Davidson -
  7. Johnson & Johnson -
  8. General Motors -
  9. Blue Apron -
  10. Sweetgreen -
  11. Dollar General -
  12. Urban Outfitters -
  13. Coffee Bean -
  14. Blue Nile -
  15. Crate & Barrel -

These companies use their domains for branding and accessibility and online presence. 

With less well-known brands than these brands, there tends to be lots of followers with an add-on descriptive word at the beginning or end, but only the leader, the visionary, the strategist, the winner of the brand, dominates and is the brand/company that owns the pure exact-match two-word dot com domain. 


DISCLOSURE:  All of these brands are well-known trademarks.  The companies are noted here for educational purposes only.  We are not affiliated with nor connected to any of these companies and brands, or their websites, in any way.  

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