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With Dot Coach™, it seems easy.

  • E-commerce store development.
  • Apache Linux web server management.
  • Custom redirection coding with .htaccess.
  • Landing pages or mini-sites coded using SSIs.
  • Advice on managing websites efficiently.
  • Process engineering for streamlining repetitive tasks.


Engage Dot Coach™ for idea power.

Get help discovering the kinds of brand names that will make your company stand out from the crowd. Brainstorming and competitive and industry analyses guarantee success.


Exciting Dot Coach™ found insights.

How will your new brand fit in with the noise of any other similar brands already in the marketplace? Will it be perceived as unique and fresh? Will it be perceived as ordinary and stale? What thoughts and images come to mind when seeing, reading, or hearing your brand name for the very first time?

Informal focus group research is often used and needed to tease out components of what makes one brand name over the other superior. Observational studies help determine how your market engages with your brand name.

By asking deep questions, you can potentially save money and increase the effectiveness of the chosen brand. Sometimes a brand name a business owner likes isn't quite right but feels right because it becomes familiar and comfortable over time. You want to maximize the positive impression your customer has the very first time of perceptual impact.

Interim project management.

Hire Dot Coaches and keep going.

Our team has worked with numerous companies of all sizes in interim project and product management capacities. Sweeping in, quickly getting up to speed, and managing a project from beginning to end, taking full ownership of its success, and managing a team of developers is something we're enthusiastic about and enjoy.

Ask a Dot Coach™.

Specialized Dot Coach™ expertise rocks.

Beyond our core team, we have access to excellent consultants and specialized business and startup professionals as our Dot Coaches. If you'd like to become part of the equation in helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive, especially with branding and domain names, please get in touch.