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Find a domain.

Navigate Dot Coach™ smoothly.

Under "Buy a domain" you may search or filter by type or domain, by industry or category, by length, or by extension.

"By industry" is helpful if you are looking for domains that indicate the field or industry. "By type" is advantageous if you are looking for a particular type of domain. Generic, exact match, brandable, acronym, numeric, alpha-numeric, domain hack, geo, and adult domains are available. All extensions and price ranges are available within the "By industry" and "By type" filters.

Choose "By extension" to look only at gTLDs (generic top-level domains, such as .com, .net, .org), ccTLDs (country-code top-level domains), or nTLDs (new top-level domains, such as .vc). Choose "By length" to look only at one-word, two-word, or three-word domains.

Ask Dot Coach™ for suggestions.

"Contact us" if you'd like us to curate a list specifically for your needs from our inventory (both public and private offerings). Tell us about your field/industry, your company or startup, your price range, etc.

Hire Dot Coach™ to find domains on your behalf.

"Contact us" if you'd like us thoroughly research the market at large for you. We will brainstorm and find any suitable domains available for registration. It is challenging, but we are good at wordsmithing. We will locate names available for purchase, as it is more likely to find the right domain and often find numerous suitable options.

We must understand at least a little bit about your goals and objectives, the business model, target market, etc. All information provided remains in strict confidence.

Acquire a domain.

Consider Dot Coach™ acquisition options.

"But it now" pricing is available for some domains. You can purchase these almost immediately or make an offer. Others that are higher in value or trendy and in rapidly changing industries are unpriced. Submit an enquiry to start communications.

Primary payment methods accepted include and bank wire, with a few other options at our discretion. We do not accept PayPal or cryptocurrency. 

Payment plans can usually be arranged by request, so please enquire. Use the perfect domain immediately and spread the acquisition cost over many months, quarters, or years with ownership transferring to you after the last payment. Please enquire with any creative financing or leveraging ideas you have regarding a specific domain name. For example, purchase agreements with equity to lower the initial outlay of funds and to lower the overall cost may also be possible. Decisions and opportunities differ, of course, based on our perception and analysis of the startup and the founders.

Once funds are accepted and paid in full for the domain, we initiate transferring the domain name. We don't offer domain registration services to the general public, so you'll need to, as the buyer, already have or establish an account at your preferred domain registrar (GoDaddy®, Epik®, NameCheap®, etc.). We'll walk you through the process by phone or text, or email - your choice. Please be advised that it can take a few days up to ten days in rare instances.

If you'd like the word logo without the watermark or see something you'd like for your brand, let us know.  The largest companies in the world tend to have very simple text logos without images.  However, we're happy to have one of our designers custom-create a logo with an image for you, at no additional cost. Tell us about your product/service, industry, target market, brand colors and fonts (if applicable).  

If you'd like to secure ownership of your domain but operate in stealth mode, we can transfer it to you when you are ready. Our attorney will draft an agreement so that you are guaranteed everything is sound.

Lease a domain.

Dot Coach™ eliminates commitment.

The domain leasing option is a strict rental that makes using a domain name affordable and eliminates forever commitment to a domain purchase. Perhaps you want to use a domain that's perfect for a particular marketing campaign, holiday season, or product? It could be for a limited amount of time or into infinity with no intention or desire of purchasing or owning it. Or, it be indefinitely. would be used to highlight a company's holiday children's line. would be a store selling mugs. would be part of a social marketing campaign.

If you'd like to strictly lease a domain for short or long-term use without buying or owning it, a monthly, quarterly, yearly, or multi-year lease may be possible - please enquire. Limit your risk in terms of not owning the domain if the venture pivots or doesn't work out.

Lease arrangements are typically best suited for generic or exact-match assets used for the intended purpose. The reason for this is that it is then possible for us to lease the domain to another similar company for the same general purpose after your usage expires. Monthly lease rates range from a few hundred USD to a few thousand USD, depending on the domain name.

Partner with us.

Dot Coach™ loves startups.

Our team is experienced in product and project management, environmental sustainability and web technology, brick n' mortar retail, and e-commerce development. We're always looking for new investment and partnership opportunities with startups. Equity arrangements, board/director roles, consulting contracts are possibilities. Get to know us, and we'll get to know you and if there's a good synergy. When the domain you want is way outside your reach, securing a partnership arrangement could be a mutually beneficial solution.


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