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The "dot org" extension is mostly used by organizations and for non-commercial pursuits but used by for-profit businesses as well.

An "art cause" typically refers to a philanthropic or socially-oriented initiative that utilizes art or creative expression to raise awareness about, advocate for, or address important social issues. These causes often leverage the power of visual arts, performing arts, literature, or other creative mediums to engage audiences and provoke thought or action on matters such as environmental conservation, human rights, social justice, mental health awareness, and more. Art causes aim to inspire empathy, spark dialogue, and foster positive change within communities or on a global scale. They may involve collaborations between artists, activists, nonprofits, and cultural institutions, pooling creative talents and resources to amplify messages and drive impact. Through exhibitions, performances, workshops, and public campaigns, art causes seek to transcend boundaries and connect people emotionally and intellectually to the issues they address, encouraging collective efforts towards solutions and societal improvement.

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