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The term "Austrian Riviera" is not commonly used to refer to a specific geographic region or area in Austria. Unlike the well-known "French Riviera" or "Italian Riviera," which denote specific coastal regions along the Mediterranean Sea, the "Austrian Riviera" does not have a widely recognized definition or location.

However, Austria does have lakeside areas and regions known for their natural beauty and recreational opportunities, particularly in the Austrian Alps and surrounding regions. These areas attract visitors for activities such as hiking, skiing, and enjoying the picturesque landscapes and Alpine lakes.

If someone uses the term "Austrian Riviera," they might be referring metaphorically to certain lakeside or scenic areas in Austria that offer a relaxing and beautiful environment similar to that of the Mediterranean Rivieras. Popular lakes in Austria include Lake Wolfgangsee, Lake Hallstatt, Lake Zell am See, and others, which are known for their clear waters, mountainous backdrops, and charming lakeside villages.

In summary, while Austria has stunning lakeside regions, the term "Austrian Riviera" is not a formal geographical designation but rather a colloquial or metaphorical reference to its scenic lakeside areas.

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