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The "dot com" extension is the globally recognized domain extension, making it ideal for any business or individual.

"Canvas techniques" refer to various methods and approaches artists use when working with canvas as a medium for painting. These techniques encompass a range of practices aimed at achieving desired effects and expressions in the artwork. Key canvas techniques include:

Preparation: Treating the canvas with primer or gesso to create a smooth, stable surface for painting.

Underpainting: Applying an initial layer of paint to establish the composition and values before adding detail.

Layering: Building up paint in multiple layers to create depth, texture, and richness in color.

Brushwork: Using different types of brushes (e.g., flat, round, fan) and strokes (e.g., stippling, blending) to achieve specific textures and details.

Glazing: Applying thin, transparent layers of paint over dried layers to modify color and create subtle shifts in tone.

Impasto: Applying thick layers of paint to create a textured, three-dimensional surface.

Scumbling: Dry-brushing or lightly applying opaque paint over a dry underlayer to create a broken or textured effect.

Canvas techniques vary widely among artists and can be combined or modified to suit individual styles and artistic goals.

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