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The "dot org" extension is mostly used by organizations and for non-commercial pursuits but used by for-profit businesses as well.

"Glassology" is the study and appreciation of glassware, encompassing its history, craftsmanship, and cultural significance. It delves into the artistry of creating glass objects, ranging from everyday items to exquisite artworks. Glassologists explore various aspects such as the techniques of glassblowing, the chemistry of different types of glass, and the evolution of glass design over time and across cultures. They also analyze the role of glass in society, its economic impact, and its symbolic meanings in rituals and ceremonies. Glassology bridges science and art, examining both the technical processes involved in glassmaking and the aesthetic qualities that make glass a unique medium. By studying glassology, enthusiasts gain a deeper understanding of how this versatile material has shaped human history and continues to inspire innovation and creativity in contemporary art and technology.

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