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As the country code extension for Belgium, the "dot be" extension is ideal for doing business locally.

A "parlor" (sometimes spelled "parlour") refers to a room or space in a building that is used for specific activities or purposes. The term can vary in meaning depending on the context:

Funeral Parlor: Also known as a funeral home or mortuary, it is a business establishment where deceased persons are prepared for burial or cremation and where wakes and funerals may be conducted.

Ice Cream Parlor: A place where ice cream, sundaes, and other frozen treats are served to customers. It's typically a casual setting where people can enjoy ice cream and socialize.

Sitting Parlor: Historically, a sitting room or parlor was a formal room in a house where guests were received and entertained. It was often furnished with comfortable seating, decoratively arranged, and used for social gatherings.

Beauty Parlor: Also known as a beauty salon or hair salon, it is a place where people go to receive beauty treatments such as haircuts, styling, coloring, manicures, pedicures, etc.

In each case, a parlor is a designated space that serves a particular function, whether it's for socializing, business, or personal care services. The term is somewhat old-fashioned in some contexts but is still used to describe these specific types of establishments.

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