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The "dot org" extension is mostly used by organizations and for non-commercial pursuits but used by for-profit businesses as well.

A "startup pitch club" is a forum or community where entrepreneurs gather to practice and refine their pitch presentations in front of a supportive audience. Typically, members of the club take turns presenting their startup ideas or business plans to receive constructive feedback, suggestions, and critiques from fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, or investors. The primary goal is to improve the clarity, persuasiveness, and effectiveness of their pitches.

These clubs often provide a safe environment for fledgling entrepreneurs to gain confidence in public speaking, hone their storytelling skills, and polish their business propositions. Members can also network with like-minded individuals, potential co-founders, or investors who may take an interest in their projects. Overall, a startup pitch club serves as a crucial developmental tool for early-stage startups looking to attract funding, partnerships, or validation for their business ideas.

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